We are scavengers. Foraging through the vast landscape of human emotions and behaviors. In homes, malls, workshops, labs & factories.

On some days, we travel out and scavenge as eager urbanites in rural hinterlands, as unlikely salesmen in apparel stores, as curious tenants in BoP homes or as prying tourists in the highstreets of London or Singapore.

On other days, we have retreated within and scavenged the works of Joseph Campbell and Pierre Bourdieu, the stand up comedy of George Carlin and Zakir Khan, the brilliance of Aaron Sorkin or James Webb Young. And often our own experiences from the recesses of memory.

There are no maps for where the gold dust lies. We just scavenge with the intensity of an investigative journalist or the wonder of an observant artist. There’s also no end to it, but you know when you have dug deep enough.

COG is searching for those rare people who can scavenge. To help solve complex problems of some of the most powerful brands in India and a few around the world as well. These problems come with many names: Brand Positioning. Brand Purpose. Customer Segmentation. Company Vision. Brand Architecture. Internal Branding etc.

If you have worked for 1-2 years and are looking to be an entry level strategist, please email us at work@centreofgravity.in. You could be a journalist, a sociologist, a storyteller, an account planner, a marketer or a researcher.

Actually anyone who loves to scavenge.
Centre of Gravity is a human-centered strategy consulting firm. For close to 15 years now, we have worked with the senior leadership of some of the most powerful brands to solve complex business problems. Through the philosophy of keeping the human being at the centre of everything we do.