The ability to see patterns is the ability to stay very close and yet remain far. The ability to deeply prepare and yet let go. It is the frequent conversations, fueled by curiosity between stepping in and stepping back that helps us see patterns.

Finding patterns and solving for patterns is what great strategy and research is about. Some days it requires discernment. On other days it needs uncluttered imagination. But on most days, it needs a mix of both.

To sift through volumes of data and conversations from interviews both within and without, trends, sales reports, demographic data etc. and see the patterns that help us understand the problem and arrive at the solution is delicious and yet a distressingly ambiguous process.

COG is searching for those rare people who love finding patterns. To help solve complex problems of some of the largest brands in India. And a few around the world as well. These problems come with many names: Brand Purpose. Brand Positioning. Customer Segmentation. Company Vision. Brand Architecture. Internal Branding etc.

If you have worked for 1-2 years and are looking to be an entry level strategist, please email us at You could be a journalist, a sociologist, a storyteller, an account planner, a marketer or a researcher.

Actually anyone who has an eye for patterns. Or wants to develop one.
Centre of Gravity is a human-centered strategy consulting firm. For close to 15 years now, we have worked with the senior leadership of some of the most powerful brands to solve complex business problems. Through the philosophy of keeping the human being at the centre of everything we do.