There are two worlds everywhere… the world of marketers and consumers, employee and employers, governments and citizens and so on. These worlds are separated by distance, structures, conflicting interests to name a few.

However, the lines between these two worlds are starting to blur. Interests are beginning to align. Through listening and conversations. This is the new world of online communities.

Communities represent the future of brands. Where the lines of ownership are fuzzy in a beautiful way. Where consumers give inputs through conversations, without being subjected to research. Where brands share ideas and world views, without the artifice of manufactured campaigns.

We are on a journey of creating such communities. Along with a select few clients as the first partners. We are clear about the possibilities but not the path. And we are looking for community managers who believe in that possibility and therefore willing to walk the unknown path.

Someday we hope to create a world, where interacting with communities is second nature to brand leaders. And community managers, who know the pulse of the brand’s audience would be at its frontlines. The conversations they share will determine a brand’s success.

COG is searching for community managers. If interested, please email us at We are looking for someone with 1-2 years of experience or even a fresher out of college. Someone who makes friends and conversations, both in person and online, without breaking a sweat. Someone who can adapt to the challenges of an emerging reality.

Actually anyone who wants to
create this new world.
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